Rules for 2017

The rules for SAC has been updated for 2017.

The biggest change in the rules, is that we now have adopted the IARU Region 1 HF Bandplan:

Frequencies to be used
CW : 3510-3560, 7000-7040, 14000-14060, 21000-21070, 28000-28070 kHz
SSB: 3600-3650, 3700-3800, 7060-7100, 7130-7200, 14125-14300, 21151-21450, 28320-29000 kHz. According to the IARU Region 1 HF Bandplan, read more about the bandplan at the IARU web.

We have also tightened the log submission deadline from 7 to 5 days after the contest is finished

As always read the rules before the contest!



The rules for SAC 2015 has been updated. We have added some new things and tried to make the rules easier to understand.

Here are some of the highlights from SAC Rules 2015:

  • UPDATED: Log submission deadline is 7 days. We have decided to keep the 7 days deadline. If you have any trouble submitting your log within the 7 days, please contact, before the deadline expires. 
  • New OVERLAY for Scandinavian stations:  WIRE-ONLY for stations that uses the same single wire antenna for all bands.
  • OVERLAYS are now handled like overlays and not like own categories.
  • We have redefined station location to: “All transmitters and receivers must be within a single 500-meter diameter circle. Antennas must be physically connected by RF transmission lines to the transmitters and receivers.”

We hope to hear you all on the air in SAC 2015!

  • CW: 19-20 September 12.00 – 11.59 UTC
  • SSB: 10-11 October 12.00 – 11.59 UTC

We recommend everyone to read the rules!
If any questions or comments please contact us by email:!

SAC Contest Committee

SAC Rules Changes

The SAC Contest Committee has updated the contest rules for 2014 and are introducing a Sponsored Plaque Program.

Highlights from the new rules are:

New categories for non-Scandinavian stations

  • Single Operator All Band – Low Power Assisted
  • Single Operator All Band – QRP Assisted
  • Single Operator Low Band – High Power Assisted

New categories for Scandinavian stations

  • Single Operator All Band – High Power Assisted
  • Single Operator All Band – Low Power Assisted
  • Single Operator All Band – QRP Assisted

Reduced log submission time period

In order to speed up the results, we have reduced the log submission time period from two weeks to 7 days.


Awards for all participants will be downloadable for printout from the SAC website. No paper awards will be sent out any longer.



I addition to the rule changes, we have started a new SAC Sponsored Plaque Program. We hope that several SAC enthusiasts are willing to sponsor one or several plaques from the program. Read more on the SAC Sponsored Plaque Program page!

National Team Contesting Trial

We have decided to end The National Team Contesting Trial (for Scandinavian teams). It was hard to form full teams in all countries each year, but the upside was that we got very fine experience from the use of the real time scoring system at together with live video transmission from the teams. So we encourage all participants to use the real time scoring service extensively during SAC. Real time scoring adds a lot of excitement during the contest and it’s fun for “the spectators” as well.

SAC Contest Committee