SAC Sponsored Plaque Program

SAC features a sponsored plaque program to increase interest and participation in the contest. The plaque winners and sponsors are published on the SAC website  and in the annual “SAC Results and Stories” PDF booklet.

We thank the sponsors.

For non-Scandinavian single operators (CW + SSB combined, unless otherwise mentioned)

  • Worked most LA (Sponsor: Morten Kvernmoen, LB8DC)
  • Worked most OH (Sponsor: Jukka Kulha OH2MA)
  • Worked most OZ (Sponsor: Thomas Andersen, OZ1AA)
  • Worked most SM (Sponsor: Kurt Brännäs, SE2T)
  • Worked most TF (Sponsor: Thorvaldur Stefansson, TF4M)
  • Best combined score (Sponsor Jari Perkiömäki OH6BG)
  • Best YL/XYL (Sponsor: Veijo Kontas, OH6KN)
  • Best NA (Sponsor: Hans Johansson, SM0IMJ)
  • Best Baltic (Sponsor: Jyrki Nieminen, OH6CS)
  • Best Germany + Poland (Sonsor: Uwe Dowidat DL8UD)
  • Best Italy (Sponsor: Helga Ferrante Picelli IN3FHE)
  • Best European Russia (Sponsor: Anton Teterin)
  • Most multipliers (Sponsor: Arto Liimatta OH2KW)
  • CW: Best Ukraine + Romania (Sponsor: Zaba Hubach, OH1ZAA)
  • CW: Best BY (Sponsor: Mats Ericson, SM4EPR)
  • CW: Best Lithuania LP (Sponsor Timo Klimoff, OH1NOA/ES1NOA)
  • CW: Best JA (Sponsor: Jari Perkiömäki, OH6BG)
  • CW: Best accuracy (at least 200 QSOs) (Sponsor: Henning Andresen, OZ2I)
  • CW: First over 1000 QSOs (Sponsor: Jörg Pamp, DF6JC)
  • CW: Best HS/E2 (Sponsor: Champ C. Muangamphun, E21EIC/KY1A)
  • CW: Best Sunday score, 00-12 UTC (Sponsor: Peter Sundberg, SM2CEW)
  • CW: Best low band score (80+40) (Sponsor: Tommy Clemmensen OZ1THC)
  • SSB: Best BY (Sponsor: Ville Lintervo OH1JD)
  • SSB: Best JA (Sponsor: Kari Viitamäki, OH6FSG)
  • SSB: First over 1000 QSOs (Sponsor: Jörg Pamp, DF6JC)
  • SSB: Best HS/E2 (Sponsor: Markku Korhonen OH8UV)

For Scandinavian single operators

  • CW + SSB: Best SOAB HP NON-assisted Scandinavia (Sponsor: Ville Lintervo OH1JD)  *)
  • CW + SSB: Best YL/XYL (Sponsor: Ulf Melin, SB3W)
  • CW + SSB: Best OX/OY/OZ (Sponsor: David Siddall K3ZJ)
  • CW + SSB: Best SOAB HP Unassisted Sweden (Sponsor: Tord Julander SM3EVR) *)
  • CW + SSB: Best SOAB LP Unassisted Sweden (Sponsor: Tord Julander SM3EVR) *)
  • CW: Best SOAB HP Non/Assisted Scandinavia (Sponsor: Tomi Ylinen OH6EI)  **)
  • CW + SSB: Most multipliers (Sponsor: Kenneth Hemstedt OZ1IKY)
  • CW: Best young operator (under 25) (Sponsor: Mika Liimatainen, OH6NVC)
  • CW: Best accuracy (at least 300 QSOs) (Sponsor: Henning Andresen, OZ2I)
  • CW: Best SOAB HP Sweden (Sponsor: Mikael Larsmark, SJ2W)
  • CW: Best Low Power Single Wire (Sponsor: Kenneth Lykke Poulsen, OZ1BIZ)
  • CW: Best Sunday score, 00-12 UTC (Sponsor: Peter Sundberg, SM2CEW)
  • SSB: Best SOAB HP Sweden (Sponsor: Mikael Larsmark, SJ2W)

For Scandinavian multi operators

  • CW: Highest scoring Remote station (Sponsor: Thorvaldur Stefansson, TF4M)

*) Non-assisted according to 2020- rules, stated in extra info in results (not separate class)

**) Non-assisted  or Assisted: for the one NOT getting  SCA plaque


The plaque type is shown in the enclosed picture (size 15 x 10 cm). The upper plate contains a SAC logo. Information on the plaque category, the winner, and the sponsor are engraved on the lower plate.

SAC_SampleSponsoredPlaque-2014_SmallerPlaque sponsorship by individual hams or groups increases the number of well-performing contest entrants that can be awarded. In turn, this benefits all SAC entrants by increasing activity and competitive participation. You may sponsor any free plaque. Alternatively, you may propose your own plaque idea, provided that you will sponsor it.

The annual cost of sponsorship is 20 euros/plaque, payable via PayPal. We hope that you will sign up for sponsorship for an undetermined number of years, but a one-year sponsorship is likewise highly appreciated. The list of plaques and sponsorships will be respectively updated and re-confirmed annually. Please contact Tomi OH6EI  oh6ei[a] if you want to take part in the SAC Sponsored Plaque Program.

SAC Contest Committee