SAC 2012 – National Team Contesting Trial

For a long time, SAC has featured the traditional Scandinavian Cup between the Scandinavian nations. All competitor scores from a nation are summed together to form the total score of that nation. This is a great way to encourage activity, as it allows operators and stations of any level to display national pride and excitement by contributing to the national score.

In addition to this Cup, SAC 2012 features a trial in “National Team Contesting”. Similar in idea to the annual local derby in athletics between OH and SM, six top-tier entrants are selected by the national ham radio societies to represent their countries. In an effort to introduce new media-friendly spectator aspects to radiosporting, their race can be followed on-line in realtime, sometimes also through audio and video streams.

Team presentations and media contacts for SAC CW (15-16 Sept. 2012):
Go to the page with the CW NTC Teams.

Realtime online scoring for the teams is provided in co-operation with
The available audio and video streams can be accessed at the same link.

Please see the below screenshot for help in interpreting the score data.

Guide to score listings on

Please e-mail us your feedback and thoughts on the trial at

Enjoy the spirit of the race!