Rules 2018

The rules for SAC has been updated for 2018 and we have only made two minor changes in the rules this year.

The first change, is in the MULTI OPERATOR SINGLE TX category.  We have now removed the 10-minute rule for the Multiplier Station. The RUN-station still have to remain at least 10 minutes on the band after a change of frequency band. It’s also important to indicate RUN and MULT station in the log. We hope this change will make Multi-Single category more attractive, allowing for serious multiplier hunting.

The second change, is how to deal with stations that don’t give out a serial number. We want you to put 000 into the log, not 001, 073 or some other random number.

Clarification (added 2018-09-11):

  • Use zero (000) as received serial number if you work and log a station that doesn’t send a serial number.
  • Do not enter a “fake” number if you log a station that doesn’t send a serial number.
  • QSO’s with zero in the received serial number field will not give QSO points nor multiplier points.
  • QSO’s that we find with “fake” numbers will be lost, and may also lead to further penalties.

Frequencies to be used
We would also like to remind everyone of last years rule change regarding allowed frequencies. In 2017 a couple of participants missed the rule and lost all QSO’s that was made outside the allowed frequencies. 

CW : 3510-3560, 7000-7040, 14000-14060, 21000-21070, 28000-28070 kHz
SSB: 3600-3650, 3700-3800, 7060-7100, 7130-7200, 14125-14300, 21151-21450, 28320-29000 kHz.

As always, read the rules before the contest!
The changes in the rules are marked with red.