SAC CW & SSB 2023 Preliminary Results

The Preliminary Scores from SAC CW and SSB 2023 are now ready.

UPDATE 2023-12-01: CW results updated. We corrected for a bad log that gave erroneous results for several Scandinavians.

Please check your Category, Score and LCR .Tell us if anything looks wrong or if you have questions. Send an email to: We will finalize the score in the beginning of December.

Click on your call in the listings, to see the log checking report (LCR). The log checking process is producing reports similar to what you get from CQ WW and CQ WPX.

  • ScandinaviaCW SSB
  • AfricaCW SSB
  • AsiaCW SSB
  • EuropeCW SSB (NOTE: I2PGT is in the EXPLORER category)
  • North AmericaCW SSB
  • South AmericaCW SSB
  • OceaniaCW SSB

73 SAC Contest Committee