SAC 2014 hitting the ionosphere soon

It’s time to plan your SAC adventures. The Polar Battle will soon hit the ionosphere with Scandinavian radio waves. Are you prepared?

CW:   20-21 September 2014
SSB: 11-12 October 2014

Note that we have updated the rules with new categories. You may now enter as ASSISTED in all power classes. And if you are very close to Scandinavia propagation wise, you may like the new Single Operator Low Band entry. Check the full rules for all details.

The new Sponsored Plaque Program have more than 27 plaques and we are very greatfull to all donors. Join us in the Polar Battle and earn a nice plaque!

Don’t forget to announce your plans in our activity pages! Use the web-form to make your announcements.

SAC Contest Committee