SAC CC need your contributions

The 2018 SAC contests are done. The contest committee works hard to publish final results in the near future. Thanks to all participants around the world for your logs received by our robot.

Each year we publish a free booklet with results and statistics, and for this we need your SAC story and some SAC activity pictures.
Send us your contributions at the e-mail address:
We look forward to receive lots of stuff from you.

Vy 73 de OZ2I Henning
SAC CC member


SAC SSB is today -Clear your voice!

Scandinavian Activity Contest SSB starts today on Saturday 13th October 12.00 UTC!

It’s time ladies and gentlemen, to connect your microphones, adjust your speech processor and enter the airwaves with your voice. Turn on your radio and bring your HF signals towards Scandinavia! We are eager to hear your voices on you every band possible, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to make a quick QSY to another band.

Don’t forget to read the rules!

73 & Have fun!

Morten LB8DC new member in SAC CC

We are happy to welcome Morten LB8DC (ex. LA9DFA) as a new member in the SAC Contest Committee.

After several years of not having a representative from Norway, Morten LB8DC is now entering the committee. Morten is working in the IT industry, so his computer skills together with being a seasoned contester and DX:er will be very valuable for the committee.

SAC CC Teamleader


SAC CW Today -Turn on your radio!

Scandinavian Activity Contest on CW starts today on Saturday 15 September 12.00 UTC!

It’s time ladies and gentlemen, to enter the airwaves with your diths and dashes. Turn on your radio and bring your HF signals towards Scandinavia! We are eager to work you every band possible, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to make a quick QSY to another band.

Don’t forget to read the rules!

73 & Have fun!

Connect to Scoreboard Too!

To get and give extra kick to operating, and also to give the public the opportunity to follow the progress of the competition, join the scoreboard.

For several years it’s been done in and SAC CW is already opened on the page. Instructions how to connect for each software can be found under “Help“.

Another one has started last year and opened service for SAC Instructions and other info is available at

See you and your scores in SAC!

SAC CC / Tomi OH6EI (personally gathering courage to join the scoreboard)


SAC Polar Battle – Round One

The contest committee is pleased to invite you to the first round in the SAC Polar Battle 2018.

The first round is on CW:

15-16 September, 12:00 UTC – 11:59 UTC

Please take a look in the updated rules and choose a suitable entry category. The updates include changes in the Multi Operators Single Transmitter category and how you should deal with stations not sending a serial number in their report. All updates are marked with red. Please read the rules before the contest!

Announce your activity
Don’t forget to announce your own activity. Doing so will inspire others to join and make their own challenges. Those who have already signed up can be seen at Annouced operations CW and SSB. If you need to change your entry, just email us at

Sponsored Plaques
Thanks to the generous contributions of many individuals, there are several Sponsored Plaques available for both Scandinavian and non-Scandinavian operators to pursue. Please take a look at the last years sponsored plaque program and pick your target.

Frequency Limits
We would like to remind you about the frequency limits that was implemented last year:
CW : 3510-3560, 7000-7040, 14000-14060, 21000-21070, 28000-28070 kHz
SSB: 3600-3650, 3700-3800, 7060-7100, 7130-7200, 14125-14300, 21151-21450, 28320-29000 kHz
Note: QSO’s outside these limits will be given zero points and no multipliers in the log checking.

Invite your friends
This website functions as the SAC information hub, but SAC also has a social media presence, and you can “like” the SAC Facebook page. Please invite your ham friends!

Propagation predictions
Make your own VOACAP predictions! Jari OH6BG have refurbished his site and it’s easier than ever to make predictions. Give it a try!

73 & CU!
SAC Contest Committee

Ingemar SM5AJV, Team leader
Tomi OH6EI
Henning OZ1BII

SAC Booklet 2017 – Ready for download

The SAC Booklet 2017
– now ready for download

As usual you will find complete results divided into categories and the different continents and also you see an overview of the winners of the 2017 Plaques. These are on the way via ordinary mail and you will soon get yours.

Furthermore we have included some interesting stories and pictures from participants inside and outside of Scandinavian. And you can read the story of our new Committee member Tomi OH6EI.

All in all we hope you will enjoy reading the booklet – GL in your next Contest.

Get your copy for free today – download Booklet_SAC_2017

SAC 2017 CW Preliminary Results

The SAC 2017 CW preliminary results are ready. 

Please check your score and UBN! Click on your call to see the UBN result. If you find that something is wrong, please e-mail us:

  • Scandinavia: CW
  • Africa: CW (no entries)
  • Asia: CW
  • Europe: CW
  • North America: CW
  • South America: CW
  • Oceania: CW

SAC Contest Committee
SM5AJV, OZ1BII, OH6EI (LA slot currently open)

Your Contest-story are wanted

SAC CW is over and we received 1047 Logs before deadline – Thanks to you.
SAC SSB is upcoming and we look forward to receive a lot of logs too.

Now we want to hear your contest story and see some pictures of your station, your antenna(s) and yourself.
Your contributions will (eventually) be used in the upcoming 2017 Booklet.
We look forward to receive many good Contest stories and pictures from your 2017 SAC participation!

Send your material to


SAC CW is over – Feed the Robot!

As the CW part of the contest ended on Sunday evening the Robot received several hundred of contest logs. After less than 24 hours we have got 700+ submitted logs.

Please don’t forget the new deadline: 5 days!
The Robot will not accept any logs after 22 September 23.59 UTC.

All logs are of interest, big or small, all will contribute to a better log checking.

If you have any problems submitting the log, please contact us on