SAC CW 2015 is over

SAC CW 2015 i over and the poor propagation improved somewhat on Sunday with the possibility to make transcontinental QSO’s even on the 10 meters band. We are happy to see that many of you didn’t give up, but stayed on the air until the end on Sunday. 


The SAC Robot din’t want us to show his photo, so he sent us this artwork instead.

The first 15 minutes after the contest, we found out that our Log Robot was complaining about the last hours of QSO’s in your logs. The problem was the we had told the Robot wrong end time. This was fixed at around 12.15 UTC. So if you encountered any problems with the Robot, not accepting your last  hours of QSO’s when submitting your log, you can re-submit your log again to get everything correct. If you did not get any complaints from the Robot, everything should be fine, and you don’t need to re-submit your log again. Please check the claimed score listings to check your score. Select your region in the Claimed Score menu above.

The SAC CC will look through the all the submitted logs, to see that everything is OK and correct the Robot’s mistakes if necessary.

UPDATE  (2015-09-24 20.00 UTC)
We have now corrected the claimed scores for those who had “TIME” trouble.