SAC SSB Preliminary Scores

The SAC SSB preliminary scores are now ready. We received 1055 logs, close to the record in 2014 when we received 1088 logs.

Please check your Category, Score and UBN and tell us if anything looks wrong or if you have questions. Send an email to:

Click on your call in the listings, to see the UBN result.

SAC CW preliminary scores updated

Thanks for all feed-back on the Preliminary Results. We have found some minor bugs in the log checking program and have now updated the results.

Please check your entry! To see the UBN result, click on your call in the listings.

  • ScandinaviaCW
  • AfricaCW
  • AsiaCW
  • EuropeCW
  • North AmericaCW
  • South AmericaCW
  • OceaniaCW

SAC SSB – Submit your logs!

The SAC Robot has so far received more than 900 SSB logs. The deadline is on Friday 16th October 23:59 UTC. If not done already, please submit your log to the Robot at !

Received logs are listed at and you may re-submit your log as many times you like until the deadline on Friday.

If you have any trouble submitting, please contact us via for help and guidance.

SAC CW is over – submit your logs!

The SAC Robot has received more than 1000 logs so far from participants all over the world. The deadline is on Friday 23:59 UTC. If not done already, submit your log to the Robot at !

Received logs are listed at and you may re-submit your log as many times you like until the deadline on Friday.

If you have any trouble submitting, please contact us on for help and guidance.

It’s soon time for SAC SSB

There are only a few days left until it’s time to grab the microphone and turn on your radio for SAC SSB October 12-13.

The CW part was a great success with more than 1700 participants. Almost 1300 logs with a total of 300.000 log lines was uploaded to the SAC Log Robot! A new record! Thanks to all participants!

60 years and still going strong

Our beloved SAC is 60 years old, and for this anniversary we offer special diplomas:

  • Bronze – to those whose first SAC was 1980-1989
  • Silver – to those whose first SAC was 1970-1979
  • Gold – to those whose first SAC was 1960-1969
  • Platina –  to those who were in the first SAC 1959

To get this you only need to report your first SAC-year when uploading your log.


Please read the rules carefully .

Frequency limits:
​SSB: 3600-3650, 3700-3800, 7060-7100, 7130-7200, 14125-14300, 21151-21450, 28320-29000 kHz.
Remember, QSO’s outside the frequency limits will be scored zero points.

The “zero rule”:
If the station worked does not send a serial number, log the contact with number 0. QSO’s with zero in the received serial number field will not give QSO points nor multiplier points.

Sponsored plaques

Thanks to a multitude of generous sponsors we have a large program with sponsored plaques. Go and take a look and start planning!

Learn about propagation to Scandinavia

Propagation to and from Scandinavia can sometimes be challenging. Do your own planning by visiting our propagation page!

Announce your activity!

Fill in the announcement form and your plans will be on the Announced Operations in SAC SSB page.

Please be kind to forward this info to mailing lists or other internet media of your contest club, national league or other contest-oriented group.

73 & CU!
SAC Contest Committee

SAC SSB Deadline is soon

Thanks to all who participated in SAC SSB 2017!

Some seasoned SAC’ers said that this was the worst propagation ever in SAC’s long history. So we are impressed that so many stations still kept going despite extremely low QSO rates.

The log submission deadline is on Friday 20th of October 23.59 UTC.

Please submit your Cabrillo logs to the Robot !
All types of logs, small or big are important for the log checking. If you have any trouble submitting the log, please email us:



SAC CW is over!

Thanks to everyone for participating in last weekend’s CW leg of SAC. Band conditions were reasonable, with the diminishing presence of 10m being balanced by nice DX openings on many of the other bands. Activity also seemed good on both sides of the Scandinavian borders.

As many of you noticed, the SAC website server crashed during the contest and was then offline for a few days, as if by grand and well-timed design by Mr. Murphy himself! Some 175 logs were submitted by e-mail to a temporary address, but we now encourage you to use only the customary robot at

We apologize for the inconvenience and uncertainty during the past few days, as our informational reflector e-mails and Facebook messages did not reach all those affected.

The log deadline for SAC CW has consequently been extended to Sunday 2nd of October, 23:59 UTC.

Now is also a good time to start training your voice and dusting off your best microphones. SAC SSB takes place on 8th-9th October, with plenty of Arctic action available!