SAC CW coming up

The contest committee is pleased to invite you to the CW part:

17-18 September, 12:00 UTC – 11:59 UTC

Be sure to reserve this weekend for the first round in the annual “Polar Battle.” Promotional efforts are under way, and we are hoping to see lively bands with a minimum amount of aurora and polar flutter! Please take a look in the rules and choose a suitable entry category.

Announce your activity
While at it, don’t forget to announce your own activity. Doing so will inspire others to join and make their own challenges. Those who have already signed up can be seen at Annouced operations CW and SSB.

Sponsored Plaques
Thanks to the generous contributions of many individuals, there are several Sponsored Plaques available also for Scandinavian operators to pursue. Please take a look at the sponsored plaque program and pick your target.

Frequency Limits
In addition to the 80m limits in the rules, please do your best to observe the IARU Region 1 band plan on the other bands. In compliance with the policies of IARU R1, the plan will be implemented in next year’s SAC rules. That makes this year a good time to practice!

Invite your friends
This website functions as the SAC information hub, but SAC also has a social media presence, and you can “like” the SAC Facebook page. Please invite your ham friends — within Scandinavia and beyond — to visit these sites and to participate in this autumn’s contest.

73 & CU!
SAC Contest Committee

Ingemar SM5AJV, Team leader
Henning OZ1BII