SAC CW is over!

Thanks to everyone for participating in last weekend’s CW leg of SAC. Band conditions were reasonable, with the diminishing presence of 10m being balanced by nice DX openings on many of the other bands. Activity also seemed good on both sides of the Scandinavian borders.

As many of you noticed, the SAC website server crashed during the contest and was then offline for a few days, as if by grand and well-timed design by Mr. Murphy himself! Some 175 logs were submitted by e-mail to a temporary address, but we now encourage you to use only the customary robot at

We apologize for the inconvenience and uncertainty during the past few days, as our informational reflector e-mails and Facebook messages did not reach all those affected.

The log deadline for SAC CW has consequently been extended to Sunday 2nd of October, 23:59 UTC.

Now is also a good time to start training your voice and dusting off your best microphones. SAC SSB takes place on 8th-9th October, with plenty of Arctic action available!