Rules for SAC 2020

We have updated the SAC rules for 2020. Biggest news is that we now allow for assistance in all operator categories. We have also clarified the rules about plaques and awards. See the rules for details!

We are still having a pandemic and we urge every participant to pay extra care and follow advice and restrictions regarding Covid-19. Extra care must be taken for participants in the Multi Operator categories and we encourage the use of remote operation. For Scandinavian Multi-Multi operations we allow for “scattered stations”, similar to the HQ-station concept in the IARU HF Championship. If you decide to participate with “scattered stations”, please inform us via email to

UPDATE 2020-09-16

Discussions around rule change have continued. After some consideration and by receiving an excellent suggestion, we have decided to flip assisted / non-assisted column around: Instead of marking non-ass. “N” (novice, like someone joked;-), we will mark assisteds A. For this in results will be separate column, and data for this comes from log submission robot. Participant will be asked whether one used cluster etc. or not.

UPDATE 2020-08-21
After publishing the rules for SAC 2020 we have got some reactions on allowing for assistance in all operator categories. The reason behind the change is that we want to reduce the number of operator categories and plaques. The reduction will also make the log handling and checking easier. 
In order to recognize operators that prefer not using any assistance we have decided that you are able to state if you operated without any assistance when submitting the log. Operators who participate  without assistance will be marked with (N) after the call in the ranking lists.

SAC Dates 2020

SAC is soon! Start planning for your best participation ever! Why not announce your activity on CW and SSB to inspire others. Use our Announcement Form!

CW: 19-20 September
SSB: 10-11 October

SAC Contest Committee