SAC CW Today -Turn on your radio!

Scandinavian Activity Contest on CW starts today on Saturday 15 September 12.00 UTC!

It’s time ladies and gentlemen, to enter the airwaves with your diths and dashes. Turn on your radio and bring your HF signals towards Scandinavia! We are eager to work you every band possible, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to make a quick QSY to another band.

Don’t forget to read the rules!

73 & Have fun!

Connect to Scoreboard Too!

To get and give extra kick to operating, and also to give the public the opportunity to follow the progress of the competition, join the scoreboard.

For several years it’s been done in and SAC CW is already opened on the page. Instructions how to connect for each software can be found under “Help“.

Another one has started last year and opened service for SAC Instructions and other info is available at

See you and your scores in SAC!

SAC CC / Tomi OH6EI (personally gathering courage to join the scoreboard)


SAC 2018 Rules Clarification

We have had some questions regarding our new rule addition in §6. Contest Exchanges. Please read our clarification:

  • Use zero (000) as received serial number if you work and log a station that doesn’t send a serial number.
  • Do not enter a “fake” number if you log a station that doesn’t send a serial number.
  • QSO’s with zero in the received serial number field will not give QSO points nor multiplier points.
  • QSO’s that we find with “fake” numbers will be lost, and may also lead to further penalties.Please use fair play and good sportsmanship during SAC!

    SAC CC