SAC Rules Changes

The SAC Contest Committee has updated the contest rules for 2014 and are introducing a Sponsored Plaque Program.

Highlights from the new rules are:

New categories for non-Scandinavian stations

  • Single Operator All Band – Low Power Assisted
  • Single Operator All Band – QRP Assisted
  • Single Operator Low Band – High Power Assisted

New categories for Scandinavian stations

  • Single Operator All Band – High Power Assisted
  • Single Operator All Band – Low Power Assisted
  • Single Operator All Band – QRP Assisted

Reduced log submission time period

In order to speed up the results, we have reduced the log submission time period from two weeks to 7 days.


Awards for all participants will be downloadable for printout from the SAC website. No paper awards will be sent out any longer.



I addition to the rule changes, we have started a new SAC Sponsored Plaque Program. We hope that several SAC enthusiasts are willing to sponsor one or several plaques from the program. Read more on the SAC Sponsored Plaque Program page!

National Team Contesting Trial

We have decided to end The National Team Contesting Trial (for Scandinavian teams). It was hard to form full teams in all countries each year, but the upside was that we got very fine experience from the use of the real time scoring system at together with live video transmission from the teams. So we encourage all participants to use the real time scoring service extensively during SAC. Real time scoring adds a lot of excitement during the contest and it’s fun for “the spectators” as well.

SAC Contest Committee

A “first” in radio contesting history

Up to six top-tier entrants have been selected by the Nordic ham radio societies to represent their countries in a team contesting trial. In an effort to introduce new media-friendly spectator aspects to radiosporting, their race can be followed on-line in realtime, sometimes also through audio and video streams. In addition to these stations, the band will be filled with other signals from the Arctic region.

See the teams and follow the live scoreboard (and audio/video for some) here: