Start planning for SAC CW now!

voacap-sacSAC CW 2015 is getting closer. It’s only a few weeks left until SAC CW 19-20 September. It’s time to start planning your participation in the Polar Battle. 

Check the updated rules and choose your operator category wisely. Let others know your plans and announce your activity, it will be published immediately on the CW or SSB activity list.

If your are outside Scandinava, why not take to the opportunity to check out the new VOACAP SAC propagation charts by Jari OH6BG. It’s an excellent and simple tool to use. Just enter your QTH Locator and select CW or SSB for making detailed forecasts for each Scandinavian area. Go to 



voacap-prop-plannerIf you are in Scandinavia, you may want to make a detailed world-wide propagation analysis with the VOACAP Propagation Planner! It’s very easy to use. Go to




The rules for SAC 2015 has been updated. We have added some new things and tried to make the rules easier to understand.

Here are some of the highlights from SAC Rules 2015:

  • UPDATED: Log submission deadline is 7 days. We have decided to keep the 7 days deadline. If you have any trouble submitting your log within the 7 days, please contact, before the deadline expires. 
  • New OVERLAY for Scandinavian stations:  WIRE-ONLY for stations that uses the same single wire antenna for all bands.
  • OVERLAYS are now handled like overlays and not like own categories.
  • We have redefined station location to: “All transmitters and receivers must be within a single 500-meter diameter circle. Antennas must be physically connected by RF transmission lines to the transmitters and receivers.”

We hope to hear you all on the air in SAC 2015!

  • CW: 19-20 September 12.00 – 11.59 UTC
  • SSB: 10-11 October 12.00 – 11.59 UTC

We recommend everyone to read the rules!
If any questions or comments please contact us by email:!

SAC Contest Committee