SAC 2011 SSB Logchecking Finished

The logchecking of this year’s Scandinavian Activity Contest SSB is now complete. The final results will be published on in the next days, with the CW results having been online since 1.5 weeks ago (a few minor category changes to be made by the webmaster). Further extended write-ups on the results will come in due course.

The winner award plaques have now been ordered, and immediate work will focus on making the public logcheck (“UBN”) files available online and on shipping out diplomas as soon as possible. Again, if you would like to have early access to your UBN file, please e-mail

Looking at the number of participants, SAC 2011, dubbed the “Polar Battle,” has been a smashing success. A total of 2290 logs were received on CW and SSB combined, breaking the previous record by about 350 logs. Most of the increase can be traced to a tripled participation by Team Finland and a 50-% increase in non-European SSB logs compared to 2010. Thanks to all for your efforts!