Time to submit your SAC SSB Log!

The SAC SSB 2013 is over and we are happy that the propagation this year was fantastic compared to 2012. Lot’s of stations made large amounts of QSO’s on the higher bands. 

One week after the contest, we have received more than 900 logs. But we still want more submissions, no matter how many QSO’s you made! So please send in your log, if you haven’t done it already.

Before you submit your log, take extra care and check that you have entered the correct category according to the rules. Note that there are different sets of categories within or outside Scandinavia. If you are outside Scandinavia you may use the DX-cluster, but if you do, you must enter the Assisted category as a Single Operator.

Please submit your log, using our log-robot at http://sactest.net/robot
If you encounter any problems, you may submit your log again. If problems persists, contact us by email support@sactest.net. If you have logged on paper, a good tool to use is WA7BNM Cabrillo Manual Log Entry.

Log deadline is the 27:th of October 23:59 UTC.