SAC CW 2012 is over

SAC CW 2012 is over. The activity was high and the contest logs are pouring into the log robot. Thanks to all participants, for making SAC a great contesting experience. We are impressed over the big QSO numbers from outside Scandinavia.

The log-robot stood up well with its first pile-up and we saw about 250 logs received the first hour after the contest. If you get trouble with the robot, please check your Cabrillo log. If you logged on paper there are several possibilities to make a Cabrillo log. You may use the PC-program SACMan or you can try WA7BNM’s SAC CW web form for entering your QSO’s.

If your are confused about the different classes in SAC, please take a look at the rules. Note, there are different classes for non-Scandinavians and Scandinavians.

The deadline for SAC CW logs is on Sunday September 30 23:59:59 2012 UTC

Next round…

… in the SAC Polar Battle is the SAC SSB contest 13 – 14 October 1200 -1200 UTC

A “first” in radio contesting history

Up to six top-tier entrants have been selected by the Nordic ham radio societies to represent their countries in a team contesting trial. In an effort to introduce new media-friendly spectator aspects to radiosporting, their race can be followed on-line in realtime, sometimes also through audio and video streams. In addition to these stations, the band will be filled with other signals from the Arctic region.

See the teams and follow the live scoreboard (and audio/video for some) here: