Welcome to SAC CW 2019

Please welcome to SAC CW 21-22 September! Each part of this “Polar Battle” gathers 1000+ contesters from all around the world. As the Nordic hams enter their radio huts en masse, SAC offers non-scandinavians a unique opportunity to work the propagationally challenged Arctic nations and practice your skills.

60 years and still going strong

Our beloved SAC is 60 years old, and for this anniversary we offer special diplomas:

  • Bronze – to those whose first SAC was 1980-1989
  • Silver – to those whose first SAC was 1970-1979
  • Gold – to those whose first SAC was 1960-1969
  • Platina –  to those who were in the first SAC 1959

To get this you only need to report your first SAC-year when uploading your log.


Please read the rules carefully https://www.sactest.net/blog/rules/ .

Frequency limits:
​CW : 3510-3560, 7000-7040, 14000-14060, 21000-21070, 28000-28070 kHz
QSO’s outside the frequency limits will be scored zero points.

The “zero rule”:
If the station worked does not send a serial number, log the contact with number 000. QSO’s with zero in the received serial number field will not give QSO points nor multiplier points.

Results booklet from SAC 2018

Get inspired of last years SAC by reading the 2018 booklet that contains all results, pictures and stories.

Sponsored plaques

Thanks to a multitude of generous sponsors we have a large program with sponsored plaques. Go and take a look and start planning!

Learn about propagation to Scandinavia:

Propagation to and from Scandinavia can sometimes be challenging. Do your own planning by visiting our propagation page!

Announce your activity and challenge your friends

Fill in the announcement form and your plans will be on the Announced Operations in SAC CW page.

Please be kind to forward this info to mailing lists or other internet media of your contest club, national league or other contest-oriented group.

73 & CU!
SAC Contest Committee