SAC CW is today!

Today Saturday 19th September at 1200 UTC is SAC CW hitting the ionosphere!

Set-up your logging program and tune up you radios for this years Polar Battle on CW. Scandinavians will fill the bands, eager to make lot’s of QSO with all corners of the World.

Why not making the thrill of contesting even more interesting by uploading your summary sheet automatically to real-time scoring board at ? It’s easy and most logging programs support this very nice feature. Some of the SAC participants even stream real time video and audio from their shack. So be sure to take a look and see how the Scandinavians do contesting.

A “first” in radio contesting history

Up to six top-tier entrants have been selected by the Nordic ham radio societies to represent their countries in a team contesting trial. In an effort to introduce new media-friendly spectator aspects to radiosporting, their race can be followed on-line in realtime, sometimes also through audio and video streams. In addition to these stations, the band will be filled with other signals from the Arctic region.

See the teams and follow the live scoreboard (and audio/video for some) here: