SAC SSB is over – Time to submit your log

The SAC SSB 2012 is over and we suffered from extremely bad propagation during the weekend. Still many stations kept up the spirit and endured the whole race.

Before you submit your log, take extra care and check that you have entered the correct category according to the rules. Note that there are different sets of categories within or outside Scandinavia. If you are outside Scandinavia you may use the DX-cluster, but if you do, you must enter the Assisted category as a Single Operator.

Please submit your log, using our log-robot at
If you encounter any problems, you may submit your log again. If problems persists, contact us by email

Log deadline is the 28:th of October 23:59 UTC.

In hopes of continually developing the event, the contest committee is looking for your feedback.
Please go to Feedback SAC 2012 and tell us about your opinions before November 18, 2012.

SAC SSB 13-14 October

It’s time to warm up for the SSB part in the Scandinavian Activity Contest. Over 300 Scandinavian stations with their exotic fluttery signals were on the air in September’s SAC CW, with about 1200 total logs submitted. This promises a large and exciting turn-out on all sides of this popular “Polar Battle” also on SSB!

  • SSB 13 – 14 October 1200 – 1200 UTC

Things To Do:

A reminder from the rules:
The 3.5 – 7 – 14 – 21 – 28 MHz frequency bands may be used according to the IARU HF Band Plan.
On 3.5 MHz, Region 1 stations must not transmit below 3510 kHz on CW or above 3790 kHz on SSB.