SAC SSB 2012 Final Results

The results from SAC SSB 2012 are now published.

This years SSB contest will go to the history and tales of bad propagation and I think everyone suffered a lot. But lot of people hang in and made the contest a good one to remember.

Kudos to Finland! The Finish ‘sisu‘ showed the other Scandinavian countries, that you have to have stamina and lot’s of good antennas to withstand bad propagation. The Scandinavian Cup was won by Finland with a big margin, leaving Sweden on second place and Norway on the third.

Even abroad the Finns made fantastic scores. Kim OH6KZP traveled to the LX7I station and made a new European record in the SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED category, while Ville OH2MM went to Brasil and PY2ZEA with a new South American Record in the SINGLE-OP class.

In the SINGLE-OPERATOR LOW POWER Category RV9CBW at RF9C broke the new Asian record.
DF3FS was at CR3L and was the first one to get a record in the SINGLE-OPERATOR-ASSISTED category for Africa.
The MULTI-ONE team of LZ5R with operators LZ1UK, LZ3RR and LZ4UU broke the new record for Europe.

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73 and see you in 2013 again!
SAC CC Teamleader