SAC Sponsored Plaque program

We are happy to see that most of the plaques already are sponsored by several generous sponsors. But there are still have some vacant sponsorhip available. Please take a look in the list and consider if you want to be a sponsor. If you have an own idea of a new type of plaque, please let us know.

Contact  if you want to take part in the SAC Sponsored Plaque Program.

SAC features a sponsored plaque program to increase interest and participation in the contest. The plaque winners and sponsors are published on the SAC website  and in the annual “SAC Results and Stories” PDF booklet.

Rules for SAC 2023

The SAC Rules for 2023 has now been updated.

Based on the unanimous decision by the Nordic Radio Amateur Union (NRAU) it is decided that the stations from Russia and Belarus are not eligible for participation in the 2023 Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC).  

We are introducing a new way of participating in the Explorer category where you are allowed to experiment with new ideas and technology that is not covered by the regular rules. We hope this will inspire innovations not seen before.

The OVERLAYS are now for all participants, regardless ​of whether you are in Scandinavia or not. We have also added CLASSIC as an overlay for those who want to participate without using assistance (Skimmer, DXCluster etc).

Read about the details on the Rules page!

Henning OZ2I has decided to leave the SAC CC and the current committee consists of two members OH2BH and SM5AJV. We are hoping that new representatives from OZ and LA will join us soon.

SAC Contest Committee