While waiting for results

The SAC Contests are over for this year and your log is being reviewed for errors and omissions. We hope that this work in the Contest Committee will be ready for publication sometime in December 2021.
While you wait for your result, we would very much like to encourage you to write a short post about your experience of this year’s SAC test. It will also be really good to receive some pictures that are related to you and your work as a radio amateur – preferably in connection with SAC. The material will be used in SAC Booklet 2021.

Send your contribution to oz2i@edr.dk
Best 73 frm SAC CC

SAC Phone is next in line

The SSB part of Scandinavian Activity Contest will take place
9. October 12 UTC – 10. October 12 UTC

Each part of this “Polar Battle” gathers 1000+ contesters from all around the world. SAC offers non-Scandinavians a unique opportunity to work the propagationally challenged Arctic nations and practice your skills.
From the CW part in September this year we have received almost 1400 logs and out of the received logs we can see that more than 1500 have participated. This is nearly the same numbers as in CW 2020.

SAC CW is coming

The CW part of Scandinavian Activity Contest will take place
18. September 12 UTC – 19. September 12 UTC

Each part of this “Polar Battle” gathers 1000+ contesters from all around the world. SAC offers non-Scandinavians a unique opportunity to work the propagationally challenged Arctic nations and practice your skills.

Things to check out

Take a look on our Sponsored plaques program HERE – geographical, special skills, etc. – You may earn one this year!

We have a tradition of making Results booklets from each SAC telling what happened the last years with lot of nice stories and pictures. Take a look HERE

Ham radio and contesting is very much about Propagation. Learn about propagation to Scandinavia HERE

Announce your activity and challenge your friends HERE

Don’t forget to read the rules HERE

Best 73 from
the SAC Contest Committee

Welcome to our new member

As you may have noticed, Tomi OH6EI had left the Contest Committee earlier this year and the Finnish CC-member place have been vacant. However, Tomi has not completely left the work with SAC as he, this year again will organize the work with sponsored plaques.
We have just received the uplifting news that a new Finnish member has arrived and we are pleased to welcome Martti OH2BH to the working group. Martti are well known within the contest community and it looks to be an exciting spring 2022 when we again have to work further with new upgraded rules.

Welcome Martti from the rest of the SAC CC Team
LB8DC Morten + SM5AJV Ingemar + OZ2I Henning

SAC Survey May 2021

NOTE: Deadline for responses is May 15, 2021

As a result of the technical developments as well as the more and more advanced operator skills, SAC CC wants to introduce innovations in the rules. There is also a reason for changes due to the many contests that are taking place and to retain a reasonably number of participants in SAC.

Therefore, we want to involve as many of our participants as possible in the process of drawing up new rules. We start by asking you about the overall lines to hear what the mood is around these changes. We look forward to receiving a lot of responses and also comments with your proposals.

When filling in the form, please take an individual position on each question. In that way we get the best overview of your wishes. Please use the note field if you have some ideas for improvement of SAC.

Attention: You may send your opinion more times but only the last input from you will be used.

Later, there may be further questions and proposals about new rules that work towards the wishes that are submitted here.

Survey #1 is closed for now.

Now we will analyze all the answers from you and come up with new proposal.
We will let you know!

73 SAC Contest Committee

We need your contribution

Thank you everybody for your participation in the 2020 SAC’s and also for your logs that now have been checked and very soon will the final results be online.

As the editor of SAC Booklet 2020 I ask you to send me some photos and maybe some short stories from your time spend in the SAC tests – or just some pictures of your radio, your antennas and your shack.
Every contribution will be appreciated !

We have reached the deadline for 2020 booklet so no more material this time.
Best 73 de OZ2I Henning

Your Contest-story are wanted

SAC CW is over and we received 1047 Logs before deadline – Thanks to you.
SAC SSB is upcoming and we look forward to receive a lot of logs too.

Now we want to hear your contest story and see some pictures of your station, your antenna(s) and yourself.
Your contributions will (eventually) be used in the upcoming 2017 Booklet.
We look forward to receive many good Contest stories and pictures from your 2017 SAC participation!

Send your material to  oz1bii@edr.dk