SAC CW 2012 Results Published

The results for SAC CW 2012 are now published.

We are happy to see that the interest for SAC CW is still going strong with more than 1200 submitted logs. The Polar Battle victory found its way to Finland again, leaving Sweden on the second place, followed by Norway and Denmark.

In an effort to increase transparency, the checked logs of all SAC participants are open to the public. They are just a click away. Click on your call in the listings to see the UBN-file. Please send questions, information on any problems to Downloadable PDF Awards will be available after the SSB result is ready.

This year we enforced the rule that forbids operation below 3510 kHz and each QSO found in that region has been given zero points and no multiplier credit, but no further penalty.

Currently we are working with SSB logs and hope to publish them in a couple of weeks.

We need your opinion

Currently the SAC Contest Committee is doing the final checking of the CW part. Hopefully we will be able to present the CW result soon.

While waiting for the final result, we suggest that you take some minutes to fill in our Feedback Survey for SAC 2012. It only takes a short while and your opinions are valuable in order to develop SAC further.

Go to the feedback form!

Download your award from SAC 2011

You may now download you own award from SAC 2011.

Go to the result pages (menu above) and look for your 2011 result. In the listing, click on the number in the RANK column for downloading the award PDF-file. If you click on your call, you will get the UBN-file. If you notice anything wrong in the listings or in the award, please email us: