SAC 2014 Preliminary Results

The SAC 2014 preliminary results are ready. This year, the log checking took somewhat longer time than previous years. In some categories the final scores were very tight and we had to do several runs of detailed manual judging.

Please check your score! If you find something is wrong email us:
After five days from now, we will make the score final and also add a list of the plaque winners.

UPDATE 2015-02-27
The following Scandinavian calls were found being listed in the wrong category and have been moved from SINGLE-OPERATOR LOW TB-WIRES to SINGLE-OPERATOR-ASSISTED  LOW.

SAC Contest Committee


Season Greetings from the SAC CC

Season Greetings from SAC Contest Committee! Currently we are in the process of checking all the CW and SSB logs. The plan is to have a final result ready in February.

Currently we have re-checked every log and corrected some logs for Cabrillo format errors and other problems. Now will the “detailed” log analysis begin, looking for busted calls, and other things that will affect the final score.

We are happy to welcome a new SAC CC Member: Henning OZ1BII who will replace Peter OZ3ABE. Thanks for all your work Peter and welcome on-board Henning!

SAC Contest Committee

Deadline for SAC SSB on Sunday 19th of October

The deadline for SAC SSB 2014 is now on Sunday 19th of October 2359UTC.

Please upload your Cabrillo log to our Log Robot now!

All logs are important for the log checking process. Even if you only made a handful number of QSO’s, please upload it! If you have any problems with the uploading, please contact us:

SAC Contest Committee


Problem with the Log Robot

We are sorry, but the SAC Log Robot  have problem with log in the LOW Power Category. Currently all Low Power logs is handled as High Power.

We will fix this bug shortly and will also reclassify already submitted logs in the Claimed Score listings.

UPDATE 12th of October 19.30 UTC:
The bug has been fixed and we have re-scored all logs. All categories are now updated. If you feel something still is wrong, please send us an email! You may also submit your log again until the deadline on Sunday  19th of October 2359 UTC.

SAC CC Teamleader


SAC SSB 11-12 October

The Scandinavian Activity Contest on SSB 11-12 October 1200-1159 UTC. All Scandinavias are excited to hear your voices with or without the Aurora flutter.

Remember to read the rules. Note that we have introduced more operator categories, sponsored plaque program and we have shortened the log submission deadline to 7 days after the contest. So please submit your log directly after the contest has ended.

Aurora is fantastic to view, but can do great harm to the ionospheric shortwave conditions in Scandinavia and it makes every SAC an adventure. Will we be hit or not?

Watch the amazing Aurora Boralis from Finland in this video made by Hannu Hoffrén.

SAC Contest Committee

SAC CW 2014 is over

SAC CW 2014 is over. Propagation was really nice and we didn’t suffer of Aurora too much this time. More than 1500 stations were active in SAC CW.

The log submission deadline Sunday 28th September 23.59 UTC has passed. But we still accept CHECKLOGS a few more days. Your log is important for the log checking. Please email us your Cabrillo log to


Don’t forget to participate in SAC SSB:
SAC SSB: 11-12 October 2014 1200 – 1159 UTC

SAC Contest Committee



It’s time to tune up your antennas and amplifiers. The Scandinavian Activity Contest on CW is starting at 1200 UTC on Saturday.

CW:   20-21 September 2014 1200 – 1159 UTC

Last minutes advice:

  • Read the rules ! We have added several new categories in the rules.
  • Plaques. Take a look on our list of Sponsored Plaques. Maybe it’s your turn to earn one?
  • Real-time Score. We encourage all participants to report their real-time score to It’s easy to get it going and fun to watch during the contest.
  • Log submission. Remember deadline is now only 7 days. Carefully check that you have the correct category in your Cabrillo log file. Submit your log to the SAC Robot!
  • Have fun!

SAC 2014 hitting the ionosphere soon

It’s time to plan your SAC adventures. The Polar Battle will soon hit the ionosphere with Scandinavian radio waves. Are you prepared?

CW:   20-21 September 2014
SSB: 11-12 October 2014

Note that we have updated the rules with new categories. You may now enter as ASSISTED in all power classes. And if you are very close to Scandinavia propagation wise, you may like the new Single Operator Low Band entry. Check the full rules for all details.

The new Sponsored Plaque Program have more than 27 plaques and we are very greatfull to all donors. Join us in the Polar Battle and earn a nice plaque!

Don’t forget to announce your plans in our activity pages! Use the web-form to make your announcements.

SAC Contest Committee

SAC Rules Changes

The SAC Contest Committee has updated the contest rules for 2014 and are introducing a Sponsored Plaque Program.

Highlights from the new rules are:

New categories for non-Scandinavian stations

  • Single Operator All Band – Low Power Assisted
  • Single Operator All Band – QRP Assisted
  • Single Operator Low Band – High Power Assisted

New categories for Scandinavian stations

  • Single Operator All Band – High Power Assisted
  • Single Operator All Band – Low Power Assisted
  • Single Operator All Band – QRP Assisted

Reduced log submission time period

In order to speed up the results, we have reduced the log submission time period from two weeks to 7 days.


Awards for all participants will be downloadable for printout from the SAC website. No paper awards will be sent out any longer.



I addition to the rule changes, we have started a new SAC Sponsored Plaque Program. We hope that several SAC enthusiasts are willing to sponsor one or several plaques from the program. Read more on the SAC Sponsored Plaque Program page!

National Team Contesting Trial

We have decided to end The National Team Contesting Trial (for Scandinavian teams). It was hard to form full teams in all countries each year, but the upside was that we got very fine experience from the use of the real time scoring system at together with live video transmission from the teams. So we encourage all participants to use the real time scoring service extensively during SAC. Real time scoring adds a lot of excitement during the contest and it’s fun for “the spectators” as well.

SAC Contest Committee

See you in Friedrichshafen

See you all in Friedrichshafen next week! SM5AJV SAC CC Team Leader will be there.

You will find him near the SSA booth, stand number A1-843 . Come and have an eyeball QSO about SAC and contesting! Take some of our promo-cards and spread the word about the Scandinavian Activity Contest among your friends!