SAC 2015 Result Booklet

SAC-2015-Booklet (PDF) Click to downloadThe SAC 2015 Result Booklet is now ready and available in PDF format. In total 52 pages for you to read, with full contest results, along with contest stories written by various participants from different parts of the world. Thanks to all who contributed to the booklet, and to Flemming, OZ8XW, for taking care of the layout.




It’s time to get ready for SAC SSB

microphoneThe Polar Battle continues and it’s soon time for the second round in SAC SSB 10-11 of October.

The SAC CW gather more than 1700 participants. Despite dreadful propagation, you are all heroes that kept our Scandinavian receivers pumping with your CW signals. Now, it’s time get ready for SAC SSB. We will love to hear your voices from all corners of the globe.

Put on your radios, and be sure to set the mode button to SSB!

SAC SSB: 10-11 October 1200 – 1159 UTC

Don’t forget to announce your activity for SAC SSB! Inspire others with you plans!

SAC SSB 11-12 October

The Scandinavian Activity Contest on SSB 11-12 October 1200-1159 UTC. All Scandinavias are excited to hear your voices with or without the Aurora flutter.

Remember to read the rules. Note that we have introduced more operator categories, sponsored plaque program and we have shortened the log submission deadline to 7 days after the contest. So please submit your log directly after the contest has ended.

Aurora is fantastic to view, but can do great harm to the ionospheric shortwave conditions in Scandinavia and it makes every SAC an adventure. Will we be hit or not?

Watch the amazing Aurora Boralis from Finland in this video made by Hannu Hoffrén.

SAC Contest Committee


It’s time to tune up your antennas and amplifiers. The Scandinavian Activity Contest on CW is starting at 1200 UTC on Saturday.

CW:   20-21 September 2014 1200 – 1159 UTC

Last minutes advice:

  • Read the rules ! We have added several new categories in the rules.
  • Plaques. Take a look on our list of Sponsored Plaques. Maybe it’s your turn to earn one?
  • Real-time Score. We encourage all participants to report their real-time score to It’s easy to get it going and fun to watch during the contest.
  • Log submission. Remember deadline is now only 7 days. Carefully check that you have the correct category in your Cabrillo log file. Submit your log to the SAC Robot!
  • Have fun!

SAC 2014 hitting the ionosphere soon

It’s time to plan your SAC adventures. The Polar Battle will soon hit the ionosphere with Scandinavian radio waves. Are you prepared?

CW:   20-21 September 2014
SSB: 11-12 October 2014

Note that we have updated the rules with new categories. You may now enter as ASSISTED in all power classes. And if you are very close to Scandinavia propagation wise, you may like the new Single Operator Low Band entry. Check the full rules for all details.

The new Sponsored Plaque Program have more than 27 plaques and we are very greatfull to all donors. Join us in the Polar Battle and earn a nice plaque!

Don’t forget to announce your plans in our activity pages! Use the web-form to make your announcements.

SAC Contest Committee

See you in Friedrichshafen

See you all in Friedrichshafen next week! SM5AJV SAC CC Team Leader will be there.

You will find him near the SSA booth, stand number A1-843 . Come and have an eyeball QSO about SAC and contesting! Take some of our promo-cards and spread the word about the Scandinavian Activity Contest among your friends!


Book SAC 2014 now!

Don’t forget to book this years Polar Battle!

CW: 20-21 September 1200 – 1159 UTC
SSB: 11-12 October 1200 – 1159 UTC

The Scandinavians are already planning for this years battle, building new antennas, modifying strategies and planning for two great weekends at the radio.  With some luck propagation will be even better this year. Put both SAC CW and SSB dates in you calendars now!

SAC 2013

The Contest Committee proudly invites all radio amateurs to the 2013 Scandinavian Activity Contest, which take place as follows:

  • CW: 21 – 22 September, 12:00 UTC – 11:59 UTC
  • SSB: 12 – 13 October, 12:00 UTC – 11:59 UTC

The rules are the same as last year, no changes has been made 2013. But please remember the frequency band rules. “On 3.5 MHz, Region 1 stations must not transmit below 3510 kHz on CW or above 3790 kHz on SSB.” QSO:s made in these regions will be removed when the score is calculated. So don’t go there and waste time.

Closing date for log submission is two (2) weeks after CW and SSB contest respectively. Our Log Robot will take care of your log and if you see anything wrong, you may re-submit your log again.

Share your plans with others by announcing your activity here by filling in the Announcement Form . Both Scandinavians and non-Scandinavians are welcome to inspire your friends by telling your plans. Those who have already signed up can be seen at:

While preparing for this years “Polar Battle” you may want to look at former years results. Continue reading

SAC 2012 Survey Results

The SAC 2012 Survey Result is now available.

After SAC 2012, a web-based worldwide survey in English was undertaken to gauge the feelings and thoughts of radio amateurs concerning SAC, its current state, and envisioned future development. An invitation to respond to the survey was sent by e-mail to hundreds of former SAC participants and to the CQ-Contest reflector. A total of 219 responses were received, constituting a reliable base for forming a good understanding of how SAC is currently regarded.

The contest committee extends a warm thanks to all who participated in the survey. As a whole, it appears that most respondents appreciate SAC and the efforts that have been undertaken to develop the contest. Criticism and constructive suggestions were also received, and they serve as a valuable aid in the further development of SAC rules, awards, promotion, etc.

Download and read the SAC 2012 Survey Results (PDF)

SAC Contest Committee
Ingemar SM5AJV, team leader
Bjørn LB1GB
Peter OZ3ABE


What are your plans

It ‘s only a couple of weeks left until SAC CW. What are you plans for SAC 2013? Let others know by announcing your activity.

Go to the Announce Form and add your data! You can submit and change your entry as many times as you like.